कक्षा-12 अध्यायवार नोट्स/Lesson Wise Notes 12

Class XII CS (As per New Syllabus)

1.Revision of the basics of python

2. Functions

3.File handling

4.Using python libraries


6.Idea of Program efficiency

7.Data visualization using Pyplot

8.Data-structures: lists, stacks, queues

9.Network and network types

Courtesy: Mr.Rajesh Dwivedi , PGT CS, KV Khanapara

Chapter:1 Python Revision Tour-I


Chapter:2 Python Revision Tour-II


Chapter:5 File handling


Courtesy: Lovely Mam


My sql Connector 


Courtesy: Vikash Kumar Yadav PGT (CS)







Python-Notes-Class-XII-CS (Python)

XII IP New Syllabus

  1. Advance operations on dataframes  
  2. Histogram and qunatiles  

  3. Function application   

  4. Reindexing and label alteration  

  5. Numpy – Array  

  6. Plotting with Pyplot  

  7. Software engineering-software processes and delivery models

  8. Software engineering-Process activities and Agile methods

  9. Business use-case diagrams

  10. Web application development using django

  11. Interface python with sql database

  12. IPR,Licensing and Open Source and Cyber crime

  13. Technology and society,E waste managment,identity theft,Gender and disability issue in using computer

  14. Role of new media in society,internet issues,case studies

Courtesy: http://python.mykvs.in/

Pandas Series

Pandas DataFrame Part -1

Pandas DataFrame Part 2

Pivot() and Pivot_Table in Pandas

Sorting in Pandas

Aggregation, Descriptive analysis, Variance, Grouping in Pandas

Transform, Apply and ApplyMap in Pandas

Pipes in Pandas

Re-indexing in Pandas

Quantiles, Percentiles and Quartiles in Pandas

Histogram in Pandas

Courtesy: Mr. Ashok Sengupta (Dada), PGT CS KV No 1 Jalahalli West Bangalore